Seniors Real Estate Specialist Now Available at Park Place Homes.

On Feb 23, 2011
Listed in Real Estate News

Gwen Holt of Park Place Homes just obtained her Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation from the National Association of Realtors! Gwen is one of a handful of SRES designee’s in Michigan and the only senior specialist in the tri-city area.

The senior market does not always mean wheelchairs and nursing homes. An SRES Realtor is trained to help clients based on their individual housing needs and financial situations. They are also able to recognize and protect their clients from shady mortgage and loan schemes that target older buyers.

Gwen’s training is designed to help clients who are 55 and older navigate the ever-changing real estate market; distinguish trends related to the 55+ population; housing, finance, and retirement income considerations; and counseling strategies to help clients plan ahead for life transitions.

Gwen will be able to provide many options, including type of housing such as age-restricted communities and age-in-place developments, as well as financing, moving, and renovation contacts.

The SRES designation was established in 2007 and the mission is to offer high quality training and tools necessary to position the SRES designee as the trusted real estate resource for the senior market.

If you are over 55 and are either buying or selling, you should consider choosing and agent who has an SRES designation. An SRES agent has specialized training in many areas that impact the home buying and selling experience for seniors. The SRES agent is ideally suited to counsel 55+ clients on their real estate decisions. For more information call Gwen Holt at 989-698-1100 x130.

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