On Sep 6, 2013
Listed in Park Place Homes, Real Estate News
 Five years ago, our broker/owner Shelley Park Cluff stepped away from the safety of working for a franchise and under a broker to open her own independent real estate firm, Park Place Homes. To an outsider it would have appeared that the deck was stacked against Shelley and the success of Park Place Homes. In 2008 the real estate market had softened significantly and  the largest employer in Midland, Dow, announced a large round layoffs shortly after Park Place opened. Economic uncertainty in the community slowed the real estate market even further. What an outsider could not have seen was the vision, adaptability, and determination that Shelley leveraged to lead Park Place Homes through the tough climate and that she continues to use to grow the business. 

  Shelley has never wavered in her vision of leading a team of skilled agents who share her enthusiasm for real estate as well as her high ethical standards. She has used her leadership skills to turn that vision into reality through analysis and planning, careful team building, and decisive action.

 Today, Park Place Homes has grown into a 9 agent office and maintains a 10% market share. With a reputation for being able to sell the homes other agencies have failed to sell, Park Place Homes’ approach to real estate is unique and highly effective. The office functions as a team instead of individuals competing against one another. Each agent draws from the pool of knowledge available to them. 
  Park Place Homes utilizes cutting edge technology and new marketing techniques instead of relying solely on the old and traditional methods of real estate marketing. We reach potential buyers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our blog as well as print media and word of mouth. Our website allows viewers to search our listings as well as the entire MLS (multi-listing system) and provides useful information about the community, local professionals, and the home-buying and selling process. With five years under our belt and combined experience of more than 50 years in real estate, we are your source for Midland, Michigan real estate.
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