Selling Your Home – It Pays to Get the Facts

Imagine you are a homeowner, and out of the blue, someone contacts you and makes an offer on your home. You weren’t really thinking about selling, but they are offering cash and a quick closing. Maybe now is the time to sell and move to something smaller? Perhaps you have inherited your parents’ home. Through the grapevine, a friend of a friend knows someone who is in the market and they want to make an offer. An easy quick sale, you think.


Before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few things to consider. The Real Estate market in the Midland area has been steadily improving. Inventory has been low, and home prices are increasing. If someone is trying to swoop in and buy your home quickly, ask yourself “What is their motivation? Are they offering a fair price for the house?”.

Information is power for home sellers. By quickly accepting an offer without doing your research, you could be losing thousands of dollars on the sale of your home.

Determining fair market value for a home is typically done by reviewing and analyzing sales of comparable homes. A full-time, licensed REALTOR® can not only help you understand the value of your home, but they can also ensure you make it from offer to closing smoothly and with minimal stress.

If you have questions about home values or the Real Estate market in the Midland area, please call on the expertise of one of our full-time, licensed REALTORS® at Park Place Homes. We can help you get the facts, get the most for your home, and guide you through the process of home selling.