On May 6, 2014
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Below you will find a list of Park Place Homes’ trusted local business partners.  If you’re looking for a service not represented on this list, feel free to call our office, 989-698-1100, and we can recommend someone.

Appliance Repair
Brennan                                      989-835-9740
Mr. Appliance                          989-941-7168
Samaritan                                  989-832-7986

Basement Waterproofing
B- Dry                                         800-875-2379
Mobile Waterproofing       989-839-9593
Timbertown                             800-832-7060
City Sewer Cleaners           989-832-2098

Cobblestone Homes           989-697-8677
Cook Builders                        989-832-1878
Greystone Homes               989-835-6965
Mark LeVasseur Builder   989-662-4848
Mayberry                                 517-371-5000
Shmidt Builders                    989-430-8765
Schroeder Homes                989-631-3000
Wright Builders                    989-835-4111

Carpet Installation/Cleaning/Coloring
Andrick Carpet Cleaning  989-835-1274
Centrex Carpet Cleaning  989-835-8351
Color Your Carpet               989-667-7991
Dana Carpet                            989-465-9251
Everett Carpet                       989-835-7191

Ceramic Tile
Custom Tile & Design         989-832-3414
Dan Stevely                              989-513-3307

Concrete Installation/Lifting
Ultra Concrete Lifting        989-837-1962

Chimney Cleaning & Repair
Chimney Champ                   989-465-9083
Dan Stevely                             989-513-3307

Drywall Repair
Central Ceiling                       989-496-9195

Timbertown                            800-832-7060

Electrical Contractors
Blasy Electric                         989-631-6252
La Framboise Electric        989-698-4447
Marcus Thomas                    989-205-0915
Valley Electric                       989-835-2154

Coggins Excavating             989-689-6233
Edwards Trucking                989-839-0830
Pat’s Gradall                            989-835-1022
Sova Excavating                    989-631-5688

Critter Control                      989-513-4357

Fence Installation
Lemieux Fence                       989-835-9516

Fire/Water Restoration
ServPro of Saginaw             989-752-8644
Hammer Restoration          989-832-9000

Fireplaces/Pellet Stove/Corn Burners
All Seasons Heating & Cooling        989-832-2752                                           
Brubakers Plumbing & Heating       989-835-1947                                           

Foundation Stabilization
Mobile Waterproofing        989-839-9593
Earth Movers                           989-615-0812                                                              

Garage Doors
Cohoon’s Door Service      989-837-4050
Lloyd’s Doors                          989-496-9570

Dave Murray                           989-430-6600
Dan Stevely                              989-513-3307

Hardwood Floors
Dave Jefferies                        989-205-4241
Hardwood Floor Professionals     989-865-6692

Heating and Air Conditioning
All Seasons Heating & Cooling      989-832-2752                                                       
Answer Heating & Cooling              989-695-9461                                                       
Brubakers Heating & Air Cond.     989-835-1947                                                       
Reliable Plumbing & Heating          989-835-6451                                                        
RP Carder Mechanical                       989-486-3436                                                        
Sheet Metal Services                          989-835-7415
Wild’s Heating and Cooling            989-835-3925                                                         

Home Remodeling and Staging
Cook Builders                       989-832-1878
Ken-Do Home Improvements     989-894-4870
Ratcliffe Builders                989-839-0680
Riverside Remodeling      989-430-3324
Shmidt Builders                   989-430-8765

Insulation Contractors
All Season’s Insulation of Michigan   989-832-8333
GE Insulation                      989-687-4042
MAG Insulation                 989-662-6901
Retrofoam of Michigan  989-746-9910

Dave Jefferies                    989-205-4241
Designed by Julie             989-835-1200
Lebeau’s Cabinets            989-832-6993
The Bath Tub Boys          989-772-3949

Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance
Back of the Envelope Design        989-832-8116
Laskape Design               989-837-0485
Maple Hill                           989-835-4708
M&K Lawncare/ Weedman          989-859-7216
Putt Inc.                              989-496-2335
Reder Landscaping       989-835-8260
Servinski Sod                   989-835-4810

Lawn Sprinklers
Green Lawn Underground           989-893-9090

The Key Shop                 989-835-8480

Masonry Contractors
Dan Stevely                     989-513-3307
Fockler Masonry          989-835-9644

Mold Testing and Remediation
Elliot Environmental   989-686-6653
Quality Air                       989-839-7400

Painting Contractors & Wallpaper
Dean Lange                     989-615-2777
John Reinhart                989-205-7265
Matt Prior                        989-205-3926
Kris Salwasser               989-245-4550
Painting Pros                  989-832-9411

Brubakers Plumbing, Heating & Air Cond.    989-835-1947                                   
City Sewer Cleaners                      989-832-2098
Grosteffon Plumbing                     989-835-7399
Reliable Plumbing & Heating     989-835-6451
Wild’s Heating and Cooling        989-835-3925

Roofing/ Replacement & Restoration
Shmidt Builders             989-430-8765
The Roof Restorer        989-793-7567
Vondette Roofing          989-695-9135

Scrap & Salvage Removal
Don Kline                          989-835-5466

Septic Pumping/Repair/Installation
All Season’s Septic        989-687-1000
Earth Movers                   989-615-0812
Edwards Trucking         989-839-0830
Kevin Burns                      989-832-5134
Henry & Son                     989-832-8616

Sewer Cleaners
City Sewer Cleaners     989-832-2098

Spas and Pools
Elite Pool & Spa                         989-695-5330
Robinson’s Spa Service          989-631-1958

Apex Land Surveyors   989-697-2593
Ayres & Associates       989-832-9611
Hal Purvis                          989-835-8654

Tree Service
Arbor Tree Experts                 989-839-2614
Jefferies Tree Removal         989-205-4644

Window Repair
George’s Glass                989-835-1313


Park Place Homes works with many contractors and service industry leaders.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Our Local Partners have enjoyed exceptional reviews from our agents and our clients.  Park Place Homes does not receive any compensation from any of the companies listed here, nor do we assume any liability for an unsatisfactory job.  It is your responsibility to independently verify the contractor and services provided.  We would, however, like to know if you had a less than perfect experience with any of our partners.  As well, please tell us if you can recommend someone we could add to our list.  We rely on referrals for all aspects of our business and your referral is important to us!


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