13 Strategies to Get Your Offer Accepted

One of the most difficult lessons for today’s buyers is that writing an offer doesn’t mean that you will get the home you want. As the number of homes for sale in Midland, Michigan has continued to decline, the demand has not. With fewer homes hitting the market, buyers must act quickly and strategically to secure their dream home.

When writing an offer:

  1. Make your best offer initially; you may not get a chance to make a counter-offer.
  2. Submit a written pre-approval letter from your lender, NOT just a pre-qualification letter.
  3. Increase earnest money above what is considered normal. In the Midland area, 1% of the purchase price is customary.
  4. Make a larger down payment. This signals to the seller that you are both financially secure and serious about the home purchase.
  5. Eliminate any unnecessary contingencies.
  6. Don’t ask for personal property that is not included in the listing agreement.
  7. Pay your own customary closing costs.
  8. Shorten the inspection period.
  9. Buy the home “as is” subject to inspections which still allows you to get your earnest money back if the inspections are unacceptable, but don’t require the seller to make repairs.
  10. Consider writing the seller a hand-written, personal letter telling them why you want their home. Work with your agent on this to ensure no Fair Housing guidelines are being broken.
  11. Offer to use the seller’s or listing agent’s preferred title company.
  12. If you can, pay cash.  Be prepared to show proof of available funds.
  13. Request for closing to be scheduled as soon as possible but let the seller know you can be flexible.

Our Park Place Homes Realtors® are experienced in today’s fast-paced housing market. We work with our buyers to negotiate strong offers and we are committed to guiding our clients through the purchase process with knowledge and integrity.